Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is Not What they Mean by “Giving Your Last Full Measure”

What exactly is it that you can say about people that get their rocks off by spunking on monuments to those that died protecting their culture?

The latest incident saw a French couple given a four-month suspended prison sentence for making a pornographic video at the Vimy Ridge memorial near Arras.

After being found guilty of exhibitionism, they were fined £400 each and ordered to pay a symbolic one euro (80 pence) in damages to Canada, which lost 60,000 men in the Great War.

Many Canadians perished in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in April 1917, when four members of the Canadian Corps received Victoria Crosses.

Despite the courageous deeds and sacrifice honoured by the Vimy Memorial, the couple are believed to have stripped naked and performed sex acts beside the soaring stone structure.

They then posted the video on a website, invited people to pay to watch it.
It’s interesting how people in a place that’s supposed to be so the “historically aware” will take as entertainment someone taking one last, feeble cumshot at history.

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