Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discount Journalism at Mayfair Prices

I’m often amused when I’m monitoring enemy broadcasts. By my guesstimate, fully ¼ of the open mouth blather since late 2005 on the BBC World Service seems to be about the “ailing US economy”. Ads for their ever rotating set of net only “documentaries” about the US, this one dwelling death of the American dream are aired twice an hour.

In other words, to them we have been dropping to death from a massive cardiac monthly for years now.

The glaring omission is that the only reflection you find on the UK & European economies is in passing comments by interviewed guests while discussing the Americans who have to eat their young to remain obese, or throw the poor into ethanol digesters to continue driving Hummers, or the other hideous images that they can’t help themselves from sketching all day – as though one needn’t not dredge their womenfolk through flour prior to pan frying, if’n you know what I mean...

That aside, Eurota keeps it real. When you have a big growth in Europe, it’s usually something you need to see a doctor about.

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