Friday, June 13, 2008

They Were Against It Before They Were for it

Just another day of outrageous lunacy at Libération PropagandaStaffel where leftism gives license to call the Irish despotic, supersticious bible thumpers if they vote non to the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty. Never mind the fact that the French left and its' propaganda rags were the great lodestar of wisdom when it came to the rejection of the French rejection of the EU Constitution.

Ireland is the European nation that has most obviously benefited from the construction of Europe. There are even Irish who are happy about it. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that they have become the majority.
Basically their getting the hate treatment here because they're rejecting this week's hypocritical Libération theology where among other things, that as a large beneficiary from EU funds, that they were unwilling to be bought off and simply unquestionably accept the Treaty conditions.

He even goes so far to console himself with the emotional detrius of class theory dialectics. Big words for spewing scripted buffonery, actually:
Despite the desolate beauty of its rainy landscape, Ireland remained the nation persecuted by history whose sons both had to emigrate driven by famine and were tyrannically oppressed by the English.

He goes on to wring his hands over their insolent near-rejection of the treaty of Nice, and their general dislike of following orders in spite of their entrepreneurial prosperity which he thinks was handed to them. Of course this makes no sense to the unprogrammed, but for the sake of argument we'll take it that at least he's saying that sincerely, since he also calls this Europe's “global” crisis. After all Europe IS the globe, as we all know, and not just flat.

But what truly makes the item's writer a slut is the veering his mental Mr. Choo-choo off the track of simple disappointed anger into the usual overbroad theorization of cause. In spite of conceding that the young and the educated also oppose the Lisbon Treaty as much as anyone else he still manages to say humorlessly:
As always in referendum campaigns, the most absurd fantasies triumph, the most absurd rumors, the most shameless take hold multiply to infinity. They plunged again into the democracy of opinions with its demagogues, populists, confabulators, and its myth obsessed. It's a technique which is irresistible to a culture riddled with superstitions.
Like all good lefties, he concludes that if democracy means anything, their rejection can be vetoed. I wonder who will get worked up about that “forcing of democracy” on the Irish?

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