Thursday, May 08, 2008

Meet the people who are Really "Clinging to God and Guns" - and Setting Beirut Ablaze

Jumblatt blew the cover on a Hizballah run intelligence gathering operation whose only purpose was killing off key people in a putsch. Now, what began as a general strike turned into a fight between Hizballah (an armed faction with no raison d’etre) and supporters of Sa’ad Hariri, a centrist politician.

Now the Lebanese Army has had to step in to keep the Party of God’s “peaceful citizens” (with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles) from “expressing themselves”.

From Michael J. Totten’s blog, a guest blogger is quite correct when he looks into a future driven by left-wing “peace initiatives” and what harm it could bring to real people, not the “oppressed masses” that they theorize about:

Second, as Tony conjectures, the Lebanese are watching closely a the US presidential campaign unfolds and are likely concerned what an Obama presidency represents for March 14, especially if Hezbollah starts a war with Israel: it means the pillar of the international alliance supporting a democratic Lebanon is apt to go hat in hand to Hezbollah's patrons in Tehran and Damascus looking to “engage.” If there is another war, the US impulse will likely be to go over March 14's head and sue for peace with Iran and Syria, which is precisely what Bush resisted.
I hope the Army does to the Hizballahstan in south Beirut what it did last September at Nahr al-Bared near Tripoli, and stop allowing a faction managed by Syria and Iran to subvert their sovereignty.

I know we’ll have the usual non-Lebanese anonymous commenters trying to tell us that Hizballah is the real (albeit unelected and detested) representation of the Lebanese (to them), but they aren’t. They are a foreign led Army that represents a quarter of the population in a form of armed militant separatism who want to hand back control of affairs in Lebanon to Syria and Iran and bring their wrath and the harm of their actions on an unarmed population. No doubt the lauding of Hizballah from the permanent, non-location-specific supporters of revolution whose causes they don’t understand will lace their adulation with some idea that “the people” want it, and they're willing to support advancing the cause of disturbed religious zealots, "just this once" no doubt.

No they don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t be fighting Hizballah right now.

Via Beirut Spring: Bridge banner reads: “A gift from the municipality of
Tehran to the righteous, resisting Lebanese people”

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