Monday, May 05, 2008

Immoderate Americans Prone to Extremism!

Jerks to the left, Idiots to the right.

In Germany, there’s almost no way to sing “stuck in the middle with you” because apart from the veneer, you’d be alone. Clarsonimus reports on the former East German Stasi-leute’s cold, moist, tonsil-hockey with the deep (blood) red PDS party, advocating an inversion of their very own history: an obligatory political “art exhibit” comparing the very same Berlin Wall where the Stasi’s mitarbeitern shot people who tried to leave for freedom with the Israel separation wall that keeps snipers out.

A better comparison would be the wall Egypt put on it’s border to Gaza, whose purpose is to keep Gazans from seeking a better life. But, hey – what does that matter. It’s only the essential meaning being lost in the lefty meme-factory.

Elsewhere a partisan of the wildly anti-American NDP, a nationalist party that succeed the Reichspartei or “Empirial Party” made a goose-step lovin’ sieg heil to a Jewish journalist. I’m sure it wasn’t a tangential editorial comment, he was just doing some tai chi or something, surely.

A regional court in Erding, outside of Munich, found that Horst Mahler had broken the law when he greeted journalist Michel Friedman with the words, "Heil Hitler, Herr Friedman."

Friedman, who had previously served as the vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, met Mahler in an airport hotel in October 2007 to speak with him for the German edition of Vanity Fair.
It’s a party that attracts asslicking skinheads much in the same way that the PDS attracts people willing to employ their equally pre-cambrian ethical non-compass to burn things down for “peace”. Germans think of them as the conservatives that they aren’t because of the headcracking that they like to get into with the very reds they share 99% of their ideas on society and government with, which are all authoritarian in the “loving” socialism and good old-fashioned zombie-like worship of one sort of dead idol or another. More than anything else though, is their common love of jew-hating, and a choice of one or two ways to hate immigrants: to see them as either helpless children that one should contemptfully coddle or a hideous horde that one should contemptfully detest. I’m sure they both have stock anti-racism speeches at hand when the subject of America comes up.

Otherwise there’s still the grand old European pass-time: defiling graves. It’s a healthy way to blow off some steam and takes the edge off when you’re Jonesing for some necrophilia.


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