Thursday, November 29, 2007

Neglected in the Name of Po-Mo "Compassion"

Actu: Nous sommes désolés mais nous n'avons pas trouvé d'information récente au sujet de Anne-Lorraine Schmitt.
A 23 year old woman is murdered on the RER D line, and the only place one can find the news is in the blogosphere. It hasn’t even risen to the level that the regional papers (other than La Croix’s website) find worthy enough to pick up the Reuters wire story.
A few hours after the death of Mouhsin and Lakamy, Anne-Lorraine, a 23-year old journalism student, was attacked in a suburban train. Her body was discovered in an empty carriage when the train entered its terminus at Creil, also in the Val d’Oise province. The girl was covered in blood and had over thirty stab wounds in the chest and face. She was still alive but died shortly afterwards.
Brussels Journal’s Thomas Landon also notes the emotional impoverishment of the priorities of the press:
The news of the deaths of Mouhsin and Lakamy became world news, dominating today’s media in France and abroad. Anne-Lorraine’s death is a mere footnote, a “faits divers” in France, a non-event abroad.
Galliawatch translates Bernard Antony (an observer of Catholic culture,) who says quite directly:
The racist scum of this civil war shows no emotion over the murder of Anne-Lorraine.

Anne-Lorraine, a young Frenchwoman, a young Christian woman, was murdered while heroically resisting the monster who was attempting to rape her. This murder did not trigger a single riot. And yet, at the very least, the early release of criminals ought to result in demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Justice.
After all, the bien pensent have already used the ubiquitously taught notion of class struggle theory to pre-identify who may or may not fall into the hierarchy of victimhood. The only way this woman could be publicly wept over with the crocodile tears of the blab-orati would be if she was a victim of a “aboriginal” Frenchman without a criminal record or a psychiatric problem. More primitively still, In the context of who is the perp and who is the victim, the actual consequences of the harm are dusted under the rug by these “lucid” adherents to “social dialogue”.
"Les marches silencieuses ne suffisent pas"
If one is stupud enough to believe that anti-social rioters and rapists would attend candlelight vigils or be moved by them, you might also wonder why these thugs’ past is “inescapable” and their neighborhoods are trashed. Owning up to ones’ flaws requires a capacity and strength to have some moral judgment and IS the means of escape. Just keep pretending that right-and-wrong are too simple an element to figure into this sort of behavior if you want to chain them to their flaws and misery.

Their own riotous behavior IS the problem, not the symptom. That “social thinkers” desperately defending the ideology of the Modèle Social urge the civilized to reward violent behavior with special programs and subsidies doesn’t seems to ring any bells about why after decades of trying, it just doesn’t work.

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