Saturday, May 19, 2007

He cultivated the myth that “if you really want to, you can”

This from the implausibly named “Political Affairs,” which seems more interested in shutting down anyone elected by a majority who doesn’t agree with them. The derangement syndrome with reality continues:

The lengthy economic and social crisis that France has been up against for several decades has led to a damaging breakdown in confidence in the fundamental principles of redistribution, social solidarity and the fight against inequality. A confidence breakdown which Nicolas Sarkozy skilfully manipulated to promote his society of homeowners, of each to his own, based on the “merit, work, effort” three-pronged slogan. Based on a deceitful dramatization, to the say the least, of the UMP leader’s own life-story, the Sarkozist slogan “if you really want to, you can”, was echoed in a society where the search for individual solutions has slowly taken the upper hand over collective ones. Refusal of “assistance”; the idea that one should “work more to earn more”; the aspiration to pay less tax and contribute for oneself, not for others; promotion of personal property instead of public property and services...
Indeed. How can ANYONE be permitted to think that?!?

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