Monday, May 14, 2007

Cartoonists Gone Wild: Spring Break in Sarcelles

Scimitar carrying, penis nosed object of Cartoonist’s adolescent leftist hate:
Your papers!
“Slave”: And drag this ball and chain around for 5 years!?!

- a reference to the Presidential term of office.

Lovely. Ignoring the fact that the new President is himself the son of immigrants, and that those in most need of protective security are in fact the older residents of suburbs who are more likely to be immigrants themselves than anywhere else.

One wonders what he’s implying. Something vague about deportation is in the air when these great über-brains, in their “sophistication” think of non-whites (rather uniformly.) Impending deportation being the case, why worry about 5 years of hypothetical “enslavement” ?

No wonder the morally repugnant elite that Plantu typifies keep whining even though the stereotype of ignorant, hateful petulance acted out for it’s own sake keeps proving itself true. Their only real support comes from largely white brick chucking, firebombing, rioting punks who have their parasitic existences subsidized by the state.

Once again, reality can take a vacation when the fantasists of the left get to write the news agenda.

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