Friday, April 13, 2007

Coming Soon: a Novelty Called “the Telephone!”

Fake peasant alert

Zéro: « José, si tu es élu, ça sera qui, ta politique internationale ?

Bové: « En tous cas, ça ne sera sûrement pas un politique d’alignement sur les Etats-Unis. Pour moi, la France, elle doit d’abord faire respecter le droit des peoples.

Zéro: “José, if you’re elected, what will be your international policy.”

Bové: “In any event it won’t involve a political agreement with the United States. To me France must above all respect the rights of the peoples.”
People are largely immune to noticing the same stale anachronistic trash the rest of the world moved on from 50 years ago, not knowing the difference between the individual (the person) and a politically manipulable lumpenproletariat these crackpots are fond of calling “peoples” and the “the people.” Wow. There’s a winning concept to dealing with complex issues and affairs: parade your feelings around for the empathy and votes of equally naïve luddites.

And that pretty much sums it up. While the other candidates simply made a platform statement (with variable degrees of interest,) Bové’s involved a overexposed TV comedian (who as a kind of nagging political fishwife,) and interviews with a bunch of old hippies and people the viewer are supposed to think look like the unemployed, if you can get over the fact that they can afford better clothes than the average voter.

Others still, have yet to enter the 20th century.
Dead enders in every way.

Of course peace and love also means the usual tacit violent threats of fist-pumping too, which the Marxists and Trotksyites who couldn’t agree to come up with one candidate and ended up with six will be forgiven for having forgotten.

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