Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Feminists talk ad nauseum about the “glass ceiling” w/o acknowledging the men tied to the “glass cellar”

Demosthenes has some remarks for "the myrmidonic horde of feminists":
Anecdotal experiences WRT women & the military:
-Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in the MILITARY: privately criticize the “double standards” applied to FEMALE personnel in front of the wrong person & you career will end that day
- While in country in HAITI I had to evacuate “98 lbs wet” FEMALE O-1 right out of OCS out of harm’s way because I thought she was going to be snatched & assaulted by the natives. Her presence compromised the mission.
-At the Academy, underclass females routinely engaged in affairs w/ upperclass “ALPHA” males- nothing ever happened to them.
-When one of the female underclassman under my purvey was warned repeatedly to stop harassing a male underclassman to point where she physically assaulted him- the gutless Administration refused to press charges and court-martial said female. Why? Because the military, like society, doesn’t hold women accountable for their actions, e.g., US Naval Academy-educated USN CAPT Lisa Nowak
-I graduated w/ a BS in Electrical Engineering - 95% of all EEs in my class were MEN (Big Surprise)
-I dated a USNR nurse who told that married USNR enlisted females in her unit routinely had affairs w/ their male counterparts during drill weekends. One female in particular had committed paternity fraud on two separate occasions. It was an open secret and no one did anything about it.
-I had an academy classmate who committed adultery with an E-8 and then attempted to commit paternity fraud on her husband. What eventually happened? Nothing: Academy-educated women don’t exploit their authority & engage in group relations w/ subordinates. She later divorced her husband (got the house, kids etc. after making unsubstantiated “domestic violence” charges.) CAPT Nowak is hardly the exception to the rule.
-At my current reserve unit, an EMAIL has been promulgated by all the militant females and their chivalrous male enablers: The obituary of recent outstanding West Point graduate killed in Irag by an IED. Why? Because she was a minority female and the implication is that her life is more valuable than the lives of her minimally-franchised white male classmates.

Feminism verses reality:
“First Wave” Feminism was ostensibly sold as “equality of opportunity.” When that didn’t produce enough engineers & scientist to suit the feminists, “Second wave” Feminism became all about allowing upper-middle class women the luxury of “equality in outcome” (e.g., Affirmative Action, quotas, Title IX set asides and other forms of Fascism) in the world of men while retaining their domestic power-base. Gender is course a social construct when it applies to the traditional world of men, but women should have the privilege of maintaining their traditional “matriarchal” power monopoly because they have an innate “nurturing” nature endemic to a uniquely “esoteric” female insight into reality in general. “Third wave” feminism is all about “female-chauvinism” in the guise of gender neo-marxism:
+ “pregnancy should be seen as a super ability” that should be compensated/subsidized by society rather than a disability,
+ “comparable worth”: Nurses (female dominated profession) should be paid the same as Engineers (male dominated profession) , etc.
But, speaking as member of the “disposable” gender, I’m all in favor of an ERA (“Equal Responsibility Amendment”) which should contain the following items:

(a) Women are legally held accountable for their actions (e.g., CAPT Nowak, Mary Winkler, Andrea Yates, Debra LaFave, etc.) like their male counterparts;
(b) Current paternal court system is overhauled to be gender-neutral WRT divorce, alimony, child custody & child support
(c) The law mandates automatic paternity tests for all children born in the U.S. (NOW will fight this tooth & nail)
(d) Women accept the consequences of engaging relations w/ men with whom they really don’t want to have children rather than using abortion as de facto birth control (apparently 20% of U.S. children conceived are currently aborted- pretty pathetic behavior on the part of the “morally superior” gender);
(d) Women are prosecuted for committing the most despicable form of domestic abuse: PATERNITY FRAUD (we will need to build more prisons because this will apply to at least 10% of the female population)
(d) The U.S. government spends as much $ financing male specific disease research as it does female specific research (e.g., prostrate vice breast cancer research) which includes the average life-span disparity (men on average lived longer that women prior to the 20th century)
(d) Women comprise 50% of mining, construction & other work-related deaths (not likely since the lives of women are more valuable than men), e.g., “poor” women should be taken off the welfare rolls IOT be given the opportunity to die along side poor men since gender is a social construct;
(e) Women work 50% of all overtime;
(f) Women pay 59% of all income taxes (59 cents on every dollar collected by the federal government goes to pay for entitlements that almost solely benefit WOMEN)
(g) Men are accorded the opportunity to stay at home to raise their children without being subjected to the usual misandrist “shaming language”, nor losing their home & children
(h) The Social Security Retirement age for women should be extended to 72 IOT compensate for their artificially enhanced life spans;
(i) “Chivalry” (i.e., Pro-female sexism) will be treated as a felony; and
(h) Women do 50% of all standard dirty/analytically-challenging male domestic chores: e.g., replace/re-wire dishwasher, move 8 tons of river rock around the pool area, repair sprinkler piping, inspect crawl space, rip out & replace crawl space door, administer home WLAN, etc.

Feminists, like children, see rights without the associated responsibilities. They see a “Patriarchy” w/o acknowledging the power of the traditional domestic “matriarchy.” They see the female as “Goddess” but not likewise as the “Devil.” They talk ad nauseum about the “glass ceiling” w/o acknowledging the men tied to the “glass cellar”, e.g., men still dominate the 20 most dangerous, low-paying professions & suffer 95% of all workplace-related deaths & injuries. There are pathetic, petulant, pedantic women-children & if they aren’t careful, the ADULTS with get tired of doing all the heavy lifting and allow the Bogymen to come in and put all of the women of this country in Burkas.

Ladies, don’t bother to consider the merits of anything I have stated. Merely brand me a “woman hater” & start to attack my manhood. Let the “invalidation games” begin…

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