Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paris sous les bombes

A package bomb has gone off in the 8th arr. of Paris in the office of a law firm co-founded by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. 6 people have been injured and radio reports now announce 1 law firm secretary dead (with 1 laywer among the injured). A second package is being taken in by the bomb squad. The explosion occured at 1:30PM Paris time.

UPDATE: Reports now indicate that two likely targets are located in the building where the explosion took place. A law firm co-founded by Nicolas Sarkozy and a Holocaust Memorial Foundation ("Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah").

UPDATE: One death now confirmed. French MSM cable news now getting up to speed on this. At this point, French MSM insists that there is no confirmed link between the explosion at that location and the Holocaust Memorial Foundation.

UPDATE: Reports now indicate that the explosion took place in a 4th floor law office. Sarkozy's ex-law firm is located on the 1st floor. French MSM is downplaying the presence of a Holocaust Memorial Foundation at the same address. There is 1 confirmed death and 5 injuries.

UPDATE (4:03PM Paris time): the package that exploded was delivered by messenger and addressed to Olivier Brane and Catherine Gouet-Jenselme. The law firm hit by the explosion deals mainly in divorce and insurance cases. It is not known for dealing in sensitive cases. I-Tele cable news now reports that the law office targeted is on the same floor (4th floor) as the Holocaust Memorial Foundation.

UPDATE (4:46PM Paris time): Interior Minister Michèle Alliot Marie is expected to arrive on the scene any minute. She was in Belgium at the time of the explosion.

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