Tuesday, December 04, 2007

BBC defends Chester the Molester

It’s as close to Mom and Apple Pie as the BBC thinking gets: a peasant girl in a developing country is raped and political Feminists parachute in with the BBC on hand to help “make a difference”.

"BRADSHAW: Defeat, this time, for the Cardinal. For many in Nicaragua Rosa's parents have become heroes, an ordinary couple defying the church and making a stand for women's rights. Others in Nicaragua are also defying the ban on abortion."
Journalists galvanizing the public to a cause, pat-on-back, etc., etc.

Too bad the BBC kept quiet the fact that one of these peasant-like ordinary people/heroes, infallible in their almost Evo-Morales-like imagery, caused this problem by molesting his own daughter.
Unfortunately for the BBC's portrayal of Rosa's father, Francisco Fletes Sanchez, as the pro-choice hero, it now turns out that he was in fact the man who raped her. He has been convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison for his crimes. He was in fact on the run at the time, having escaped from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.
Somewhere In their herpetic minds they might be able to come clean by blaming the patriarchy, but they would have to imagine that their favorite flavor of class-struggling peasant might be subject to the same morality as the average human.

So you think dey wanna hit dat shit?

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