Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kidnappers of children get off easy

Chad lets them off easy, probably in exchange for some contracts. 8 years hard labor for kidnapping kids is a bit on the light side. Expect them to be spirited out of Chad, real soon now, to do their time in France. The French preSS is fairly uniformly spreading the good word that these guys are misguided and their intentions were good. The fact is that these criminals were simply looking to build themselves a good street rep among competing NGOs (the better to attract those donations), and if they had to kidnap a bunch of brown skinned kids to do it, so much the better. The entire affair, from the government approved junket into Africa - the snatching of the children - the medical personnel bandaging the kids and putting phoney blood on them to make them look injured - the self righteous cries of those convinced that they know what is best for others - and the uncalled for support of the preSS for this criminal activity, is typically French: condescending, holier-than-thou, paternalistic, and profoundly racist.

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