Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gaia Loves You Conditionally

Let me take the opportunity on this day, as if it should be different from any other, to wish you a spiritually fortifying Ramadan, happy Hannukah (only if you’re into that kind of Kabalah that pop-culture figures fall for), and whatever the heck it is those geeks who want to revive Viking religion do, you know, because, we have to be, like inclusive. Well – except if it seems conventional or your parents believed it. They were, after all Patriarchal and selfish for bringing us into this world, and in spite of the great inequities out there, had the gall to feed us. It makes me grip my dream-catcher on my way to Yoga...

Now let me wish all of the UK a Happy Diwali since that’s not socially inappropriate in the same way as wishing you well for Christmas – which was invented by Coca-Cola and other corporations - *spit* - anyway to sell something that will kill you. Being as how 92% of the population has it as the festive tradition of their culture, we should all look for the shocking, non-applicable, and improbable to distract ourselves with. While we in the civilized west may be told every other day that we ‘have no culture’, at least we take comfort in knowing that the same critics don’t want us to share in that culture to begin with. WHAT culture you ask?

Given the loving ministrations of the promoters of anything improbable as a sort of virtue, that’s a good question.

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