Saturday, November 17, 2007

That Famous Continental Quivering Lower Lip

Seen on Charles Bremner’s delightful blog:

”Owned by a Trotskyite, a Maoist, a Socialist and a Sarkozist without ever changing hands.”
This amusing advertisement from the French division of Volkswagen could not be better timed. Trotskyite and other far left students have shut down about a third of France's universities this week, many of them dreaming of overturning the "Facho-Sarko" regime.
So the “Mai 68” generation isn’t just dead, it seems that people are finally realizing that it’s symbolism was also incredibly fake:
Though the WV Microbus of the flower power hippy years was really a US phenomenon, the advert is a wink at France's 1968 generation. Many of those students who worshipped Leon Trotsky and Chairman Mao matured into Socialists in their 30s. They moved fruther right over the years and voted for Nicolas Sarkozy last spring.
And in an incredible coup of once again thelling themselves how far they are ahead of the curve, it only comes 27 years after the “Reagan Democrats” phenomemon.

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