Saturday, November 17, 2007

In Spite of (A) Plenty of Money and (B) a Large Mouth

The EU is unable to arrange putting A where B is. Probably for want of complete paperwork which can’t be clearly read due to blood stains.

The EU gets outdone by the likes of DHL.

If you want to see the future of the European Union and understand the reality of its vainglorious ambitions, look to the present. In particular, look to the wearily predictable fracas over the supply of helicopters for the humanitarian mission in Chad, intended to relieve the suffering of the peoples of Darfur.

This is an issue on which EU member states are in the frame, in an area within the French sphere of influence and one which is crying out for urgent, practical action.

Yet, as the Associated Press tells us, the launch of the Eus peacekeeping could (yet again) be delayed, while the force commander Gen. Henri Bentegeat waits for firm commitments on the supply of vital helicopters.

All the man wants is a meagre dozen transport helicopters, which are absolutely essential to the mission as force multipliers to move peacekeepers quickly along the vast, sparsely populated borderlands west of Darfur.
And people will die for want of a continent of peaced-out blathering buffoons who can’t come up with a mere dozen military and a dozen transport helicopters.

Alert reader Joe Strummer points out: “I foresee EU looking eastwards for possible solutions After all, since the EU has relied on a A.U. and then a UN paint job and troops from Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon, a variety of African nations, Thailand, Nepal and Norway to relieve their guilt, perhaps it’s time to extend the tired old saw about Europeans to include peacekeeping and supplying relief “with an accordion

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