Friday, November 09, 2007

The Little Bozos are at it Again

Strikingly naïve students (who protested today) will join the Metro workers strike. Or is that vice-versa – it’s so hard to tell anymore.

French students took their growing protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's reforms onto the streets of Paris on Thursday and the government accused them of jumping on the bandwagon of demonstrations over pension reform.
Hundreds of students, chanting, setting off flares and bearing banners with slogans like "Together everything is possible, in the streets!" and "Free culture, public education!" marched from the Place de la Bastille in central Paris.
They are protesting a law which will... do what?
The law, which injects 1 billion euros ($1.46 billion) into higher education, grants universities more freedom to choose their own students and opens the way for some private sector financing to boost public funding.
Of course they don’t realize that the moment government institutionalized the culture by trying to manage it, in effect mugging it, dosing it with formaldehyde, and sticking it in a museum instead of letting it evolve and live – it stopped being “free”.
Student unions say the law does nothing to address student poverty
Which they are too stupid to realize is temporary. Everywhere else on earth (outside of the third world) it normally ends in graduation and getting a job.

Then again, what all of this amounts to at this point is about 200 of the little pischers at each protest, with the rest of them probably wondering why they’re protesting against Universities having more autonomy.

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