Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yup. Everything We Do is all about YOU, Man!

Goofy comments about the recent roll-out of the Boeing 787 were sure to pop up out of no-where as they always do, even in “classy” publications like the Nouvel Observateur.

quel bel oiseau mécanique, sans nul doute les commerciaux de Boeing ont fait du lobbying à merveille pour atteindre pareil chiffre en vente!

Il est beau de voir la technologie au service de l'homme, les américains nous donnent une belle image de leur esprit de créativité, mais ecornée par bien des crimes.....
what a beautiful bird, without any doubt the marketing types at Boeing did some serious lobbying to reach similar sales figures! It’s great to see technology being put to the service of man. Americans give us a beautiful indication of their creative spirit, but it’s chipped away at by many crimes.....
circle! Industry, crimes against humanity... all the same thing because the American is an idea – one idea, one so many of these fabulous continental intellects try to fit in a single, very small box. One of their imagining.

The typical take by those socialized out of their common sense is that a business like Boeing’s shouldn’t primarily be about business, but that when it does succeed, it must have been lobbying. Talk about projection!
That someone would imagine (as so many Euro-brainiacs do) that every part of America somehow coordinates to say something to them and them alone is a rather typical recurring feature of the America Derangement Syndrome that we get so many laughs at here at ¡ No Pasarán! Nearly as much as the amusement the people who say that stuff give us. You know we’re always looking for that gold medalist in the crackpot Olympics.

- Merci buckets to Michael
for the heads-up..

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