Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Doctors With Borders

When I think of the detonating Doctors affair unfolding in Old Blighty™, it makes me think of just how impotent, uninspiring, and socially inept the zeitgeist of teh EUropean neighborhood really is. This blogger reflected on his great Uncle who happened a great long while back to be a sojourning physician of Arab origin in the UK. Instead of building a wall of hatred and carrying the modern Arab’s air of superiority (no different than a crowing rooster standing on a pile of dung,) he understood and respected their power and understood that it was built from something.

Wanting to be a part of it instead of just another foppish antagonist, he took an oath of abjuration to the Monarch as an officer in the Royal Navy. He took joy in the subtle irony of the English language. He took the citizenship of the nation he served.

When he returned to the place of his birth, he chose to take the citizenship of the nation where he actually lived. More than any time since, people understood that a citizenry and decent society is built, not granted. He would have recognized what these gas-can quacks have been doing as parasitism: these paragons of virtue have gone somewhere where they could look down on and hate the locals, and then kill them because "the border crossed them" or crossed their ideology, at least.

These modern-day Dr. Mengele types who are more than willing to be party to random murder are a bellwether of the state of decay and medievalism the culture they came from has let itself fall back into.

Bend over and take your shot. It’s the only way that nasty little itch will go away.

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