Monday, June 04, 2007

Yeah, but Would Thierry Meyssan Let Them Work on his House?

The “truthers” are desperate, if not obsessed with, to legitimating their credentials any way they can. It’s key to selling the irrational, implausible, and unprovable digestible to oneself and to others. After almost six years of banging their spoons on their highchairs, they finally found a handful of Architects and Engineers to provide some kind of satisfaction in their search for conclusions that don’t fit the objective evidence of the 9-11 attacks.

Meet bin Laden’s poodle, and the UFO seeking narcissists who’ve given up on Clearasil and are jumping up and down for joy. Too bad they don’t realize what a poor authority is carrying their hopes of getting more than 5 professional engineers (ones who have taken one of the P.E. registration exams) in the entire United States to go along with their “9/11 was an inside job” snowjob: Architects don’t do the structural design of anything larger than a freestanding house.

They include a Fire Protection Engineer who’s had his license cancelled 9 years ago, a Land Surveyor, a Mechanical Engineer, and an Electrical Engineer who aren’t qualified to analyze or design structural designs, and a Civil Engineer who’s professional registration check returns no results. Indeed, true scholars for “truthiness” if there ever were any.

I'm glad to see engineers and architects finally coming together to dispel the myths and add weight to the science backing the questioning of the coverup...
- So goes one of the “testimonials” we're asked to take with the authority that comes with credentials as firm as these!

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