Friday, June 08, 2007

Live From Jerry’s Acid Park

Get a load of this idiot who wants to pollute in the interest of “raising awareness” about the environment or some other little mental pleasantry.

Marco Evaristti, originally from Chile, said he would colour the peak of Mont Blanc -- the highest mountain in western Europe --- in biodegradable paint and establish a sovereign "Pink State" on the summit in an attempt to raise awareness for environmental issues.

Evaristti's guide Michel Bordet told AFP the artist had already painted a part of the mountain at the Col des Flambeaux passage, at 3,400 metres (11,150 feet) in the Vallee Blanche valley, as a "small taste of what is to come."
Not his property, but so what. He’s got an answer to that one: good old fashioned Euro-thought and moronic pseudo-rebelliousness acted out for personal reasons.
"My aim is to transform this mythical mountain of Mont Blanc into a Mountain Red and establish a sovereign state, the 'Pink State'," Evaristti told AFP.

Snow-capped Mont Blanc rises to 4,808 metres (15,774 feet) in the French Alps.

According to the 43-year-old artist, the purpose of his "Mont Blanc Project" is to raise questions such as: "Who owns nature? Who owns the water in the lakes, the snow on the ground, the flowers in the fields and the trees in the rain forests?".

Evaristti said he has the "right" to "create a non-violent state of pluralism and tolerance" on the mountain, which "doesn't belong to France alone."
His credentials as a grreenie hypocrite are nonetheless firm:
Evaristti caused an outcry in 2000 with an exhibit in Denmark's Trapholt modern art museum that featured gold fish swimming in blenders. Evaristti's exhibit gave visitors the choice of switching on the machine.

"I wanted people to confront their consciences, their inner judgement, their instincts, to press the button of death or not," the artist said at the time.

A Danish animal rights group took him to court over the exhibit. Evaristti was acquitted.
It’s right up there with the illogic of imposing new things on nature in an effort to “purify” it in a subconscious effort to “purify” themselves of guilt that’s been trained into them:
The Pleistocene was the heyday of megafauna, a span of geologic time when big mammals like mammoths, saber-toothed cats, woolly rhinos and giant ground sloths roamed the continents. The epoch lasted over one million years during which glaciers plowed the planet's surface, stretching and retracting across vast expanses. Near the beginning of the end of the Pleistocene some 50,000 years ago, much of the megafauna disappeared in synchrony with the spread of modern humans. This loss left the Holocene, the current geologic epoch (which began about 11,000 years ago) with a much impoverished megafauna.

[ ... ]

But re-wilding initiatives in Europe must also include reinvigoration of megafauna populations already there that have suffered severe range constriction. Among them: the wolf, brown bear, lynx and moose. Scientists should also consider reintroducing 11 additional megafauna species: the Asiatic lion, leopard, spotted hyena, dhole, horse, cattle, Asiatic wild ass, Asiatic elephant, hippopotamus, water buffalo and hairy rhinoceros.
Indeed. The membership nodded with a sheepish, unquestioning display of some sort of mimicry of sane behavior that they recall from their youth at private school. We’ll set aside the resemblance this has to the effects of child abuse at this point. The real nuttiness here is that natural climate change killed off these species. In the interest to create a pre-human ecosystem that humans will not be able to enjoy out of self-loathing guilt, these idiots who seem only slightly better educated than “zee arteest” want to impose a completely artificial nature that does nothing particular for the earth’s most useful and able species (at least a few of them) - man.

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