Sunday, May 20, 2007

"The Party that Doesn't Lie"?!?

The wheels might just be falling off the cart in Spain for Zapatero. His party faces regional election, but acrimony is flying in every direction about everything but schools, highways, and sewers. Stifla and tant effin pis, spanky. This is the guy who's trying to peddle this doozie:

Zapatero's party routinely describes itself as one that never lies. This is a biting and pointed allusion to the idea that the conservatives committed political suicide by deceiving voters _ blaming Basque separatists for the blasts even as evidence of Islamic involvement mounted _ in the run-up to the general election held three days after the massacre. The train bombings killed 191 people and wounded more 1,800.
In other words, he wants you to believe that if he knew on 8-7 that an Al-Queda cell was behind 7-7, that he would have said so? Hunh? Sure, you would have. Let's get you back into that sweater that ties in the back, now, shall we?
"This is called having principles of tin, like the patriotism they try to exhibit every day,'' Zapatero roared at a campaign rally in Valencia.
Two days later Rajoy shot back at the Socialist leader, describing Zapatero's own principles as a joke. ''His are those of the Marxism of Groucho Marx,'' Rajoy said.
This is the Europe that the American thinks we're supposed to actually take seriously.

Funny, though, that the bravado of what a nation that withdrew forces from the Middle East and elected a faux-democratic-socialist who's enamored with Chavez and Castro WOULD HAVE SAID TO ITS' PEOPLE counts for "bravitude." Don't believe it for a moment. Regardless of political persuasion, one is either WITH the likes of Zapatero or one is with the allies, the ones from whom he withdrew military support. Fellow travelers come in all shapes and sizes, even ones who call themselves Economic Liberals, and show themselves to be more obsessed with dismantling the world view that guarantees their freedom from fear and tyranny than anything else.
When the Washington Post revealed at the beginning of November 2005, that agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had kidnapped Muslims assumed to be terrorists and had detained them in illegal secret prisons, I was unable to imagine what would be in store for me over the following months. That same day the American NGO Human Rights Watch published a report, in which similar information was brought to light and substantiated and where we learned that these secret detention centres were in Poland, Romania and other Eastern European countries. As we later learned, the sources for the Human Rights Watch came from, amongst others, the CIA themselves.
In other words, Dick Marty is suggesting that even whatever transparency the CIA can afford is atmospherically incorrect, even if his end-goal is to terminate a program going selectively after the hardest-core bad-asses of the jihadist terror networks.

Remember? The "peace camp" bleated about using intelligence forcefully to limit the human cost of going after terrorists. That is, when they weren't distracted by their own 40 year old obsession with the CIA which they otherwise want to convince you is incompetent, incapable, and evil whenever they had the opportunity to say it, and in that "Usama bin Forgotten" tone that thinks that looking at patterns of international telephone calls is a fascistic imposition on the rights of would-be mass murderers, and to the point of mendacity.

Would he prefer limiting this to open warfare? Certainly not. It seems he would prefer that NO methods be employed, and that EU, CoE, and the rest of the alphabet soup states of Europe do nothing about terror except leave it to their own citizens to helplessly bang pots in the streets and see their citizens kidnapped and paraded for the news cameras.

If they think that any of the peacenik posturing will protect any citizen or defend any notion of anyone's individual freedom, then they truly have drunk the 68er kool-ade, and plan on forcing that idée fixe on the generations that evolved past it.

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