Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lo, The Causes of Nodding Stepford Children

Meet the feelies. Smug, smart... you know that they’re better people than you are. They became that way by giving money to neutral and opinionless handwringer nicey-nicey peacy-peacy causes who NEVER take sides politically. That would get in the way of thir main mission is to repeat to one another that their shit doesn’t stink.


Benevolence of Great Leader, Dear Leader, Uncle Joe, Uncle Ho, Enver Hoxha, Erich Honecker, Fidelito, Hitler, Mao, Abd’l Nassar, the murderers of 100 million civilians, Robert Mugabe, the Janjaweed, a cast of thousands, and all those other poster-children for grand European ideas about getting along are curiously overlooked.

And all of their pandering to the membership for what? Amnesty International, once a meaningful provider of information is, now resembles a gang of idiot potbangers trying to guilt trip the public all the way down to school kids for small donations. That’s quite a point of pride for an organization which has itself never actually freed anyone.

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