Thursday, January 18, 2007


About a year ago, Stanford Engineering Researcher Dr. Robert Gray made advance arrangements for a month-long rental of a Paris apartment, including a €2300 payment in advance. Dr. Gray and his wife are elderly, and his wife requires an operational elevator to get to a 4th floor (5 floors up) apartment.

However, when they arrived in April the elevator was not operational, so they made alternate arrangements. It seems reasonably clear that the elevator not being in working order was a breach of contract and thus Dr. Gray's advance payment should have been reimbursed.

Instead, a representative for the rental agency and the building's owner appear to have engaged in a collusive "good cop, bad cop" arrangement whereby Dr. Gray will never see a reimbursement. Dr. Gray, being a competent researcher, has found other connections between the two clowns in question and other Paris rental agencies -- see the text near the bottom of the page for blow by blow details of what it’s like to deal with these operators.

Bottom Line: If you're going to rent temporarily in Paris, avoid Paristay, Apartment Rentals Paris, LOGDIS, and especially Paul Bernie and Andre Brue.

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