Friday, January 26, 2007

“Consentual” Hate

French international policy wiz, Ségolène Royal wants to impose meaningless regime change from beyond on a nation that isn’t a threat to anyone other than to the collective French ego.

Canada issued a highly unusual public rebuke to Royal after she expressed sympathy with the idea of independence for Canada's French-speaking Quebec province -- at least the third foreign policy controversy to dog her bid for president.

Royal, attacked by critics as a political lightweight, has trailed Sarkozy since the interior minister accepted his centre-right party's nomination at a January 14 congress at which he courted voters drawn to Royal's more consensual image.
I just love their attitude imagining that there’s some kind of hidden “struggle” there for non-Canadians to provoke or make Canadian lives difficult and divisive over. The Irony is that they already have under de Gaulle who used his intelligence service to help make Canada an uncertain and angry place which nearly drowned in Meech Lake.

That’s okay – it’s just called a “gaffe” if it comes out of the mouth of a “well meaning” leftist who will spout on and on about peace, social solidarity, and all manner of other mumbo-jumbo while they can’t recognize the chaos they cause. Why Canada? Because Canadians are generally more civilized than anyone in the European political class. I’m sure they see Canadian decency as a form of passivity, and know that they’ll ignore nutty Europeans playing to the slobs back home.

It seems to show a persistent trend. Leftist can act out their revolutionary fantasies on anyone who will ignore them and not do the same to them. It explains why they’ve done so much to work their way into any social institution which cares for the weakest members in the society they did so much to wreck, and where they can create an army of people dependant on them.

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