Thursday, November 09, 2006

What? No more « Diebolding » ?

Sudden change of climate not declared catastrophic. Not only do the “Cosmic ray” fantasies spontaneously evaporate like issue of the hole in the ozone layer, but so does the never-ending voting machine fetish of the left:

History was made this week! For the first time in four election cycles, Democrats are not attacking the Diebold Corp. the day after the election, accusing it of rigging its voting machines. I guess Diebold has finally been vindicated.

So the left won the House and also Nicaragua. They've had a good week. At least they don't have their finger on the atom bomb yet.
The left’s approach to this whole thing has been similar to trying to “own the means of production”, except that the means is overraught anger and the product is election outcomes.

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