Sunday, November 05, 2006

News Roundup: Interplanetary Relations at an All Time Low

It’s a beautiful world we live in

- Unaware that a society trampled on for a generation needs to cathartically put evil behind them to move forward, Douste-Blazy opposes the death penalty for mass murdering deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. Even while Nuri Al Maliki is on a state visit to Paris. Who are they going to stick in the tent next, Phil?

Hey Man, Pass the Album

- Here’s a brave seeker of the truth: a Belgian nutball thinks that cosmic ray balloting is guiding elections – all in favor of well, the ideology of candidates that cosmic rays seem to be able to differentiate:

Perhaps how the cosmic ray which effected the memory of one of the electronic ballot boxes in Schaerbeek, this cosmic ray will make it possible to sensitize deputies who have already won the electronic vote count!
I wonder what’s boiling his bongwater. Everyone knows that cosmic rays, and all of nature under Darwin’s creation votes for the left!

Membership has privileges. Like Vandalism and Stuff.

- Last but not least, the French government (if you can call them that,) has obstructed NATO in constructing a defense against large scale acts of terror. Good work. Your new name in the caves of Waziristan is now “Target no. 1” Hey, and have a nice day.
Plans to boost Nato's co- operation with countries such as Australia and Japan in an effort to forge a partnership against terrorism have been blocked by France.

The moves were to have been at the centre of a summit of the alliance's leaders to be held in Riga this month. Nato officials now accept that only a loosely worded pledge to increase contacts with partners in Asia and Australasia will be included in the communiqué, which will be agreed by President George Bush and other leaders in the Latvian capital.

The French opposition comes as a blow to the US, which spearheaded the proposal and which would like to see regular Nato "forums" with countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. But while the idea won support from traditional allies of Washington such as the UK, France has made it clear that it opposes a move it sees as part of a campaign to extend US influence.
They naturally prefer to extend the influence of bloodthirsty Jihadists of course, because they have some idea that only the US can chafe French pride.

That this could cost a great many lives, possibly even among the supernatural French citizenry who are shielded by a force-field of sentimental thoughts, doesn’t seem to matter.

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