Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thanks to Chirac, it will happen again


Alas, cast your memory back to the usual talking in circles (28 July 2006):
Q. – If Hezbollah refuses to disarm and Israel accepts a conflict resolution scenario, who will disarm Hezbollah? The international force, the Lebanese army?

THE PRESIDENT – This is one of the real underlying questions. I do not believe that an international force, in the case where no political commitment could be obtained, would have the capacity or the mandate to disarm Hezbollah. It is up to the Lebanese authorities to do so. Which implies a political agreement. Hezbollah is currently in the Lebanese government. We can very well imagine, in any case hope, that Hezbollah will draw the conclusions from its presence within the government, and become a political force. This is why there has to be some contact between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah. Hezbollah once disarmed, is set to be a political force in Lebanon.
He actually used the word disarm!!!! Isn’t he just precious?!?

The fuse is lit!

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