Monday, July 10, 2006

Paras misused defending middle class conceits

An embedded Times (UK) correspondent traveling with and protected by UK paratroopers is so grateful to them, that she’s willing to put a price on their lives – one that they can dwell on so they can take pride in their work, and see their mission as little more than low paid mercenary work.

All I can say is an extremely heartfelt thank you to those brave paras for somehow turning the situation round so we got out, and in particular Lee, the military policeman, for giving me water when I was so thirsty my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth and encouraging me to keep running when I thought I could run no more. When these courageous men are risking their lives out there, many for not much more than £1000 a month, I would have thought the least the Defence Minister could do is bother to show up in Parliament for yesterday’s emergency statement on Afghanistan.
If your life isn’t cheap enough for her fellahs, remember why she’s there to report – in large part about herself:
Fortunately the plane made it to Dubai and I managed to get back to London Saturday night, missing the penalty shootout but just in time for my son’s seventh birthday party the following day. It was a real “Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs” moment spending all Sunday morning making ham sandwiches for seven year olds with gunfire still ringing in my head then explaining to mothers who do not work, where I had been for the last few weeks.
Enough about me talking about me. Why don’t you talk about me?

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