Sunday, July 16, 2006

Evelyn Wood spedd ridding skul

Denis Boyle points out that leftist newspapers make one economically illiterate. Proof certain: Ségolène Royal wants to force the “Swedish Socio-economic Model” on the French.

Ségolène Royal benefitted from its voyage to praise the Swedish model, "a model for France and many countries of Europe. We would like to do what is done here". According to her, to not "sacrifice social [welfare] to economic effectiveness. On the contrary, they made social [welfare] the wedge of economic effectiveness ". She also made a point of answering those who reproach her on her "Blairism". "I hear accusation of blairism (...) I denounce it", she shot back. She added that France must create its own social model by learning from our European neighbors.
It seems that the same effect is true for mathematical illiteracy since Sweden hasn’t created one more net job in 60 years.
Boyle also points out the rather obvious. That the same sclerocis of stupidity is rife in the news business, where an informed consumer for some reason is unwilling to part with €1,50 for a rag like Le Monde or Libération.

The fuse is lit!

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