Thursday, June 22, 2006

Transnational Soul Train

Rebranding themselves like a tobacco company with a scarred reputation, the European Commission has come up with some great ideas. We’re talking real Jeffersonian stuff, here:

These are some of the colorful ideas for reconnecting with disgruntled EU folk in a Commission document obtained by the news agency. Others include a new EU logo and theme tune, a Commissioners' Day and a kitsch pop extravaganza modeled on the Eurovision Song Contest. "We want to show the EU can dance," the report says, according to Reuters. An anonymous, presumably British, official is quoted as saying the aim is to make the Union "more punter-friendly" and to "show that the EU can be fun." Diplomats from some new member states are not so keen on the idea. "They feel people are being forced to dance and sing, like they were by the communists," said one.
Useful nationbuilding skills, indeed - but what will restore their former dignity as adult humans?

The fuse is lit!

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