Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Breeders soundly ignored

For any reason, reasonable or not. PropagandaStaffel reports that the PS love their poop chutes:

At the Gay Pride conference and festival of June 24, Ségolène Royal, the probable candidate for the Socialist Party for the presidential election of 2007, clearly changed her position on gay marriage and the adoption by homosexual couples. In an interview in the monthly magazine « Têtu » (tr.: stubborn) which appears Wednesday, she stated: “I can guarantee that I will advance the issue”, and clearly saying that these issues are part of the Socialist Party platform.
As well as talking out of both sides of their mouths. While saying that anything resembling opposition is a sign of backwardness, Royal promises that she can slime any contraversial initiative through:
With good argument [she said] “with this issue one can anger people for whom homosexual marriage and adoption by couples of the same sex are alien notions (….) I have the will to lead these reforms without wounding anyone’s feelings, without raising the public’s anger”.
In other words, they really won’t bother with what the population thinks, and like all good little lefties do something ‘progressive’ to them whether they want it or not.the fuse is lit!

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