Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"It is like wanting to display a dead elephant at the zoo"

"It may be good if the EU gets so big that it can no longer function — it will be like a rat with its hypothalamus removed, who keeps eating until it explodes," [Timo Soini] said, using the kind of colorful analogy that has made him popular with some voters.
Dan Bilefsky has more about Finland's self-described hairikko or "hell-raiser" (parts of which text were left out of the online version).
"The EU structure is very catholic," he said. "The commission president behaves like an unelected pope, the commissioners are his cardinals, while there are 83,000 pages of regulation that it likes to think are the gospel."

"I already have my church," he added, "so I don't need another religion in Brussels."

Soini compares Finland's relationship with the EU to its appeasement of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

"Everyone knew that the Communist dictatorship was a harmful system, yet we talked about it bringing peace and prosperity," he said. "Now we use this same doublespeak when talking about the EU."

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