Saturday, April 29, 2006

Celebrate Meat

Thanks to Tim Bleeeah’s polluted mind:
Even the Queensland Premier says they got what they deserved, as Melanie Christiansen reports.

MELANIE CHRISTIANSEN: The World Meat Congress has drawn the industry's leaders to Brisbane this week, closely followed by animal liberation activists, who've staged a series of protests.

This morning they invaded an abattoir at Ipswich just south of Brisbane, where they chained themselves in.

Protester Patty Mark says what followed was frightening.

PATTY MARK: The abattoir workers were very violent to us. We were chained right over the killing room floor. The owner came in with an angle grinder and started to… We begged for the police.
Amazing – they attack someone’s workplace and their line of work and expected to be treated with deference. How typical of people accustomed to shouting straight over anyone who disagree with them.

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