Friday, July 22, 2005

Will they be spared the inane protests at factories too?

Of course it only works one way. The holding of a French-Columbian enviro-political activist by the FARC rebels (who are partially supported by Castro) is also the fault of the U.S. in meme-ville:
«Many Greens have objected to the shipment of weapons and military aid to Colombia and have urged investigation of U.S. businesses suspected of laundering money for the Colombian drug industry. U.S. Greens have supported land reform and the development of a sustainable economy for farmers in Colombia and other Latin American nations.»
Indeed. While France cozies up to the FARC to secure her release, they will get a pass from the vulgar Kultursmog of transnational protestors who would equate the sale of even non-military equipment with opression. No-one will associate their habit of paying ransoms with further takings, and FARC terror will be linked to the U.S. lending moral and limited matrerial support to Columbia to get a handle on those drug peddling "rebels without a cause."

Tidy. Very tidy.

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