Friday, July 08, 2005

"Staged bombings terrorize everyone?"

With neither a shred of proof or an awareness that the causality can't be magically produced by ones' feelings, John Kaminski of rushes the following allegation on the London bombings to the presses: When the cops are the crooks Staged bombings terrorize everyone!

«Every time there's an embarrassing incident, a charge of official malfeasance, or some nasty revelation to cover up, the powers that be stage a terrorist incident — randomly throw away the lives of an arbitrary number of innocents — and then blame some fantasy enemy as an excuse to further ratchet up the corrupt oppression of ordinary people.»
Actually he could be describing his own leap to pretend that the only evil there is in the universe can only emanate from his own society - or at least the one he's pretending not to be a part of by rejecting and turning on.

And no - he's not criticising constructively to make a better world. A brief reading of his body of work amounts to little more than agit-prop in support of chaos. You would be hard pressed to find the phase "Staged bombings terrorize everyone" on Uruknet if he can't refute that the bomber is a jihadi-anarchist.

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