Tuesday, February 08, 2005

There Are No Rotten Zapateros in the Kingdom of Denmark

The timing for Denmark's early elections on Tuesday could not be better for Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen
writes The Associated Press.
The country's economic forecast looks good, and his Social Democratic opponents are suffering from record lows in opinion polls.

With few issues dividing the country, pollsters predict that the prime minister will stay in office because of his charm, or his main contender's perceived lack of it.

The issues of immigration control and Denmark's contingent serving in Iraq have been conspicuously absent from their campaigns, which have focused instead on how to defend and improve the country's vaunted welfare state. …

Demands from leftist groups, intellectuals and artists for Denmark to bring home its 501 troops from southern Iraq never became a campaign issue either.

"It has never been a campaign issue because nearly all parties in Parliament back it," said Søren Søndergaard of the leftist Red-Green Alliance, which opposes the war in Iraq. …

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