Sunday, December 12, 2004

France 2 and Charles Enderlin? Products Far Superior to CBS and Dan Rather!

While France's newspaper of reference and other media wax on, among other things, about 1) the Bush/Blair/Aznar lies, 2) the baseness of "embedded" journalism, 3) the silencing of American media and their kowtowing to American nationalism 4) the supposed unreliability of Fox News and 5) the admissions of the Washington Post and the New York Times that they were not vigilant enough in trusting the Bush administration, there is not a word anywhere (certainly not on France 2) about the France 2 case of the mythical martyr.

Better yet: In contrast to the way October's Dan Rather/CBS scandal unfolded in America, France's independent newspaper goes out of its way to heap praise on France 2 as well as on one of its star reporters, Charles Enderlin

(By the way, there is a petition to sign at the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism…)

(Shookhran to Jane)

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