Thursday, October 28, 2004

Top Kerry Ally: "Chirac Only Wanted to Protect His Commercial Interests, French Leaders Were Not Honest"

Listen to the man who would be John Kerry's secretary of state. Hear how understanding, and indulgent, Joseph Biden is of the French position in the war (you know, the one that was supposed to be a guarantor of peace and harmony between all nations). Hear how open-minded men like him would help reestablish good relations between the two countries:
Jacques Chirac only wanted to protect his commercial interests. French leaders were not honest about what they were ready to do to isolate Saddam. Every time I met a minister, or Jacques Chirac, I asked them: 'Okay, what alternative can you come up with?' And never did I get an answer. They didn't want to do anything, except lift the embargo, which would have allowed Saddam to start rearming again.

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