Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"With an Open Mind and Without Prejudice":
Le Monde's Television Coverage

Our 60th anniversary coverage of Le Monde continues with an in-depth view of its weekly TV guide, along with the kind of programs French television proposes to educate le peuple français with, contributing to make every citoyen more lucide in the process.

The final week of French TV programming before America's November 2 election include France 2's The World According to America; France 3's GIs, Forbidden Words; Canal +'s The Moore Effect; Arte's Hollywood and the Pentagon (a voyage into the heart of "American propaganda", we are told); France 5's The America of the Neocons and The World According to Bush; Planète's USA 2000: The Chronicles of an Electoral Fraud (this from a TV channel that prides itself on its series of documentaries from… the German Democratic Republic); and Toute L'Histoire's Wake Up America! ("Soon after the drama of September 11, a certain part of the American population declared itself clearly hostile to the policies of George W.Bush [sic]. Demonstrations against the war in Iraq, associations, or large meetings, the challen ging [sic] took many faces hoping to wake up an America that is too 'passive'.")

But, never fear: as the newspaper of reference points out (under the title All the TV Stations Have Rallied), the election is an occasion to explore the American democracy "with an open mind and without prejudice".

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