Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Recent blogs which have come to our (prejudiced) attention

The projections (better known, albeit misleadingly, as weblogs) include Catallaxia, Mondes francophones, Alexandre Leupin, the French Freedom Fighters (Le blog de la Résistance), and Scrappleface, who brings us news reports such as the recent one entitled Father of Deconstructionism Dies (If 'Death' Means Anything):
"Of course, we can't assert anything positively about Monsieur Derrida's recent failure to exist," said [President Jacques Chirac in his eulogy], "We can't even state that he ever did exist, since he may have been a mere metaphysical projection of our own prejudices against absolutes. However, in as much as we may categorically claim anything—Mr. Derrida will not likely be showing up for work tomorrow. Although, who is to say?"

(a trifling merci to Joe N)

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