Monday, August 02, 2004

Listen to All the Problems Uncle Sam Hath Wrought for the Iraqis

Oh Lord, what have we done?! It is nauseating! That's the only word that can be used to describe all the problems Iraqis face in the wake of unilateralist America's unnecessary war against he-wasn't-so-bad-that- discussion-couldn't-have-solved-all-the-problems Saddam Hussein. Although there are some good news presented in the first of the paragraphs, of course, the second para is so full of devastatingly sad news, the tears well up in my eyes. Oh, Lord: why couldn't those simplistic Americans — sob — have refrained from intervening in Iraq?!…
…we can see how Iraqi family monthly income is expanding and they are using it to make life easier and full of prosperity.
What may back up my criteria is what is going on in the ISX (Iraq Stock eXchange). Things there are more than good, its terrifying good. Nobody expected to close deals in one day with the same value of what he used to close in three months work, and investors are trying to find themselves a broker who isn’t so occupied with deals.

Among all that good things we have problems like electricity shortage because of what we became capable to buy, traffic jam because of hundred thousands cars entered the market with low prices, and also because of the many check points made by the new Iraqi National Guards who made a great difference in the security situation and many more problems like those which we should be happy with and thankful for whoever are trying to build a good future for Iraq & Iraqis.

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