Saturday, June 19, 2004

Were Those American Flags on the Anniversary of D-Day, or Portraits of George W Bush?

A French antiquarian in Paris's outdoors antiquities market tells me that on June 6, she attached two American flags to her stall to honor the D-Day anniversary. As it happens, not many people seemed to notice, except… three or four people, who came up to… criticize her for her displayal of the Stars and Stripes.

But you know how it is with the French, don'tcha? "It ees only America's leaders zat oui have somes'ing against. It ees not America eetself. It ees not ze American people, who remain our frien's. Ze United States we like."

You don't say! What a relief! We're so glad to hear that! We're so glad to learn the extent to which you appreciate our friendship!

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