Wednesday, February 08, 2023

"Many students feel that the university doesn’t open their minds" writes a leftist professor; "instead, it shuts their mouths"

 … students [have] repeatedly admitted to me that they simply ape their professors’ politics to get through their coursework, and to avoid confrontation or grading bias.

That is how Behind the Black's quotes one professor (thanks to Sarah Hoyt), a leftist at that, in his list of Blacklisted Americans.

They’re coming for you next: English instructor Ryan Hall, a self-described leftist “who has never voted for a conservative in my life,” was fired by Western Kentucky University when he questioned its leftist and racist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda that was also leaving students fearful to speak their minds out of fear of being punished.

 … [Hall wrote an op-ed] for an organization called the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, which appears to be a loose coalition of Substack writers opposed to the bigoted policies of most universities. In that op-ed Hall added these facts as to why he challenged his superiors at Western Kentucky:

In the last year, students had repeatedly admitted to me that they simply ape their professors’ politics to get through their coursework, and to avoid confrontation or grading bias. They also told me that they put little time into general education classes—particularly the humanities—because they felt that the faculty politicized their course material. In the Fall 2021 semester, a lengthy discussion with a perceptive undergraduate student highlighted the danger of universities promoting partisan ideas and politics. He pointed out that many students resent the biased teaching they were getting, and increasingly see the humanities and general education as not simply irrelevant but dishonest. Often, students aren’t critiquing or grappling with ideas at all because rank partiality turns them away.

This claim troubles me profoundly, and I wish I could say I haven’t witnessed its truth. But the reality is that many students feel that the university doesn’t open their minds; instead, it shuts their mouths. [emphasis 's]

Hall also described at length and in detail the specific actions the university had taken that proved it was “promoting partisan ideas and politics,” such as endorsing the Black Lives Matter organization and asking for donations to help that organization pay the bail for its rioters, including one man who had attempted to murder a Jewish political candidate in Kentucky.

Hall wanted the university to at least reconsider these actions. Instead, it immediately fired him, not because he canceled his classes but because he had dared ask them to reconsider those policies. Such intellectual flexibility however is no allowed on college campuses. You will either bow to the god of critical race theory and leftist dogma, or you will be excommunicated.

Hall was excommunicated.

In 's College Fix article, Ryan Hall adds that

‘Universities are largely escaping scrutiny’

“Colleges continue to inflate grades, teach less, and lack rigor, but instead of addressing those failings, DEI offices are being used to funnel away resources and mask the continued failures of our higher education system,” Hall told The Fix.

Going forward, Hall said that “free-speech advocates, conservatives, and sensible liberals” need to stop supporting these institutions.

“Except for a few fields and programs, it simply makes no sense for parents to pay tens of thousands of dollars for little more than indoctrination,” he said. “Efforts to raise money from alumni should be rebuffed at every turn, as it is audacious that the universities would manage their money and charge so poorly and then ask for even more.”

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