Monday, November 14, 2022

What Is Behind Trump's Attack on DeSantis? Has He Lost His Marbles or Does He See Things the Rest of Us Do Not — Such as the Florida Governor Being Set Up as a Stool?

As you listen to Democrats and Republicans alike rage against, mock, or blame Donald Trump in the wake of the 2022 mid-terms, there is one question we all ought to be asking ourselves: How exactly is this different than what has been hurled at Trump for the past six-seven years?

In this case, however, the charge is made worse, of course, by the results of the mid-terms — but have conservatives really forgotten to what extent Democrats rig elections? — along with the fact of The Donald's mockery of “DESANCTIMONIOUS” (thanks to Glenn Reynolds — as well as to Ed Driscoll and to Sarah Hoyt).

While highly critical of "Trump’s tantrums over the attention DeSantis is getting", Jeff Goldstein nevertheless recognizes that

the corporate media and GOP establishment shadow-puppeteers like Paul Ryan are trying to blame Tuesday’s underwhelming showing on Trump. And yes, they are wooing DeSantis as a potential Trump killer. But the facts are that Trump had a 93% win rate as a midterm kingmaker, with several races still undecided, and obvious missteps like Dr Oz notwithstanding. 

 … just because the GOP establishment wants to push DeSantis over Trump doesn’t mean they can control DeSantis. They may think they can

When, however, Jeff Goldstein says that Trump's "behavior repels independents and suburban women", he is forgetting the two-minute (the two-hour?) hate sessions retreaded daily by the "neutral" media…

In that perspective, it should be noted that over at the Conservative House, Sundance points out that the élites, Democrat as well as Republican, are betting on Ron DeSantis in the hope (well-founded or not) that the Florida governor will (consciously or otherwise) be more open to (their) influence.

The Bush clan have wrapped their arms around Governor Ron DeSantis as a 2024 weapon to counteract the MAGA movement. They have poured hundreds of millions into the “acceptable Republican” effort and are in full control of the DeSantis campaign management.

The Mitt Romney’s, Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, Kevin McCarthy’s etc are trying to leverage the club dynamic over Ron DeSantis and provide enticements to maintain the alliance with their internal battle plan to retain full control over the Republican Party.

The Never Trumpers, financed by donors, the professional party system and club officials, are all part of the internecine battle.

When President Trump labels the former congressman, now Florida Governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” that background reality is the who, what, when and why.

This battle is about Republican Party control and the use of Ron DeSantis by the club members who refuse to let go of power.

As noted by a comment from Rick Stans:

Watching heads explode over Trump’s “DeSantimonious” comment is exactly what the RINO elite relishes! Sundance has spelled out Ron’s position very clearly over the past weeks and anyone with half a brain could see it! Ron is a tool being forged as the splitter to weaken Trump in his bid to win in ‘24.

Moreso, the “god” man is what the RINO elite like Ryan and McCarthy hope will destroy the MAGA movement and restore the order of Kings & Queens in D.C. verses the serfs in fly-over country! The Coastals are becoming a bit uneasy hearing about Red Waves and MAGA movements! Time to crush these peasants once and for all!

Enter “god” man! Smiling, snarky Ron the Trump slayer! The Rip Van Winkle of Mar-a-Lago post raid! Trump’s friendly shot across the bow is a wake-up call!

No Ron, we won’t sit back and let you be another fraud, a fallen acorn from the dead Bush Oak that was fertilized with our hard-earned tax dollars for decades!

Either we’re all in for MAGA (despite what Trump does) or we’ll all be learning how to say “can I trade my dollars for yuan” in Mandarin one day! Wake up foolish Ron supporters who have become offended by Trump! Haven’t you learned from your parents that “sticks and stones may break my bones…..”

Trump is a gamer and his words were just a precursor to let Ron know that all the money and notoriety he will be promised for distancing himself from MAGA to “Save” America, is really nothing but fools gold in the end if MAGA goes the way of the Tea Party!

The Republican Club would rather lose elections and retain power than win and be held accountable to deliver on their false promises.

Time to allow Richard Baris, the People's Pundit (thanks to LafnH20), to share his Twitter feed:

I’ll tell everyone what it was right now, though it’s not the smartest fight for REPs to have before a midterm. When Ron DeSantis is chatting with @kevinomccarthy and Team Paul Ryan behind the back of the man who made him the governor of Florida, it was bound to happen.
They’ve targeted Ron DeSantis as the stool they believe is their best chance to foil another Trump Presidency and after enough hammering away at him and blowing up his head, there are indications that it is working. But make no mistake, it is a DC establishment plan and is true.
I’ve received at least a half dozen calls from GOP donors who have told me the contents of their conversations AND sitting members of Congress have confirmed it.
@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan have hatched a plan to defeat MAGA in 2024 and Ron DeSantis is the stool.
Sorry if that hurts some of your feelings, but it’s true and those of you most likely to bitch about me saying it don’t know what the Hell you’re talking about. If DeSantis doesn’t bite, though he has been more lately, their next target is @GlennYoungkin.
 … Point being, for those of us who know, it was not at all surprising to hear that. Sure, it plays into their hands, but that’s Trump folks. That’s his way to say, “I know what you’re doing, I’ve heard all about it.” “Andrew Gillum would be governor of Florida if not for me.”
The reactions to this thread are exactly why Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are in love with this idea.

Folks, I don’t really care for whom you vote. But don’t delude yourselves into pretending it isn’t #NeverTrump behind the push for Ron DeSantis to fracture the party in a primary if and when Trump obviously runs. It most definitely is them to include McCarthy and McConnell.

And both things can be true. It [the friendly fire] absolutely could’ve waited for Wednesday. But come on, everyone should know by now, that’s Trump.
Mitch McConnell’s former chief of staff and campaign manager, right here, and retweeted by Byron York with the quickness. I have to be brutally honest, I’m a little surprised the party who beat Fox New is gearing up to potentially fall for this plan. He knows full well, folks.

Incidentally, I am getting the following message on some of the People Pundit's tweets:

This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists.

But the Twitter account seems to appear normally on my phone. Elon Musk, where are you?!

After speaking to Sebastian Gorka, who called Trump and DeSantis "two alpha males" (thanks to Sarah Hoyt), the National Pulse's Raheem Kassam offered his prescription:

  1. Democrats run “better” campaigns, mostly because they’re allowed to, which in turn is because they dominate in positions that exert pressure – in politics, media, and culture. It’s easier for Democrats to rip down Republican yard signs without recompense. It’s also easier for left leaning activists to get away with violence or intimidation. Their talking heads are rarely challenged when they lie. They use Chinese Communist-owned platforms like TikTok to radicalise impressionable young voters and they use issues like abortion and student loans to do it. We recognise all of this as immoral. But elections aren’t conducted by Marquess of Queensbury rules. Republicans play touch football and call it smashmouth. Democrats play smashmouth and call it kiss chase.

  2. The GOP ‘McLeadership’ must change. If you accept that Republicans should have done better in this cycle, you have to go to the source of where the decisions are made and how the money is spent. That’s in the hands of people like Kevin McCarthy, Tom Emmer, Mitch McConnell, and Ronna Romney McDaniel. Trump isn’t a “party leader” in a European political sense. He wasn’t on the ballot this year. He doesn’t control the purse strings, nor the hires inside the GOP. His philosophy is ultimately beholden to centralised implementation.

  3. DeSantis has a big and bright future. But it cannot come at a cost to the MAGA movement. Even those surrounding and supportive of the victorious Florida governor accept that DeSantis is closer to the GOP comfort zone – including the neoconservatives – than Trump is. The Florida governor had the winds at his back in this election – an horrific opponent, a mass Republican migration to the Sunshine State, and of course, his own well-earned incumbent record to run on. …


Cato Renasci said...

This may all be true, but you’re ignoring reality. That reality is - however unfair, wrong, and the result of horrid media and the Dims - tens of millions of people who might well vote for a conservative who fights, absolutely hate Trump and will never vote for him…mostly women, but others. My wife, a staunch conservative who hasn’t voted for a Democrat in decades, can’t stand Trump. It’s not about the policies, it’s about the persona and his bad cess created by the enemy, but which he aids and abets. Most of her friends are similar. Neither he nor we should ever forget Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: thou shalt not attack another Republican.

79 said...

2020 and now 2022 have proven that voting is a waste of time. Dems count the votes in major metropolitan areas.

Anonymous said...

Oh let's get rid of Trump/MAGA then. Go back to Bush/Ryan party to please spinless fair weather supposedly Republican women. Those establishment tools were acceptable apparently. And don't talk bad about them, remember the 11th commandment...except for Trump. That's ok, keep attacking him for being "unelectable". This is how we win I guess. Thank you for educating me.

doc mcb said...

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Trump, but he cannot win in 2024. Too many people who would vote for a Republican will NOT vote for him. I will support the GOP nominee regardless, but I fear that we lose if it is Trump.

Anonymous said...

MAGA > Trump. If not, if MAGA = Trump, then even if Trump gets elected, MAGA is doomed, and GOPe will prevail. Is MAGA a man, or a movement?

Anonymous said...

Trump ran in 2016 to make America great again. It resonated for those of us who love America and want a return to Eeagan’s shining city on a hill. For Trump, 2024 is not about America; it’s about revenge and hurt ego. Trump was a fantastic president but he has too much baggage. It’s time to step aside and let DeSantis have his turn before the Dems do irreversible damage.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is a loser who is destroying conservatives and America. All he has to point to as a victory is the 2016 election where he eked out a victory against one of the most corrupt politicians who probably would have won had she not arrogantly refused to campaign in WI, PA and MI. Also, any other Republican probably would have won in a landslide. America is dangerously close to collapsing under the weight of radical leftist policies, and the only thing that can save it is if republicans win a landslide victory in 2024, capturing the White House, the house, and a filibuster proof senate. Why anyone thinks Donald Trump is the candidate to lead conservatives and republicans to that victory is beyond me. He will only help radical leftist further entrench their hold over America.

Unknown said...

I voted for Trump twice. If he's the nominee I will vote for him again except I believe he will lose to any Democrat. The better choice is Ron DeSantis. He is not a RINO as Sundance and the Trump Cultists at Conservative Treehouse believe.

So, in the US we have primaries. Let's see who the Republican voters choose. In open primaries the Democrats will cross party lines and vote for Trump as they do not want to lose and see DeSantis as the much stronger candidate.

The only way DeSantis loses if he is the nominee is twofold: 1) The "Nutcase Only Trump Or Nobody Else" voters at Conservative Treehouse and elsewhere actually sit the election out and act like spoiled brats and there are potentially millions of these cultists or 2) The Democrats massively cheat again and the Republicans under Cocaine Mitch, McCarthy et al do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Logical fallacy being used in this comment: false dichotomy.

Kansas Scout said...

This was a clueless last stand Trumper conspiracy theorist purist article. Utter garbage. You know nothing about politics. Kari Lake told moderate republicans to "get out!" See how well that worked for her? What the author is saying is exactly that and that's how you lose. Telling Bush republicans to "get out" is a losing move. It say's your a moron that can't see the forest for the trees. If you want to be POTUS you have to have a big tent or you lose. Trump is a loser. He won once as a fluke against a horrible candidate but lost in 2020. His influence in 2022 was toxic. Figure it out. If that's even possible.

Greybeard said...

Detroit poll- 2020:

Gene said...

I was a Never Trumper through the 2016 primaries because I didn't trust him. Despite what he was saying, I thought he was a typical East Coast liberal at heart. And his crude insults were revolting. While I loathed John McCain politically, I was disgusted when Trump savaged him over his POW experience.

Only when he released his list of potential Supreme Court nominees did I decide I could vote for him, which I ultimately did -- and never regretted. While the insults continued, Trump's policies and actions were superb, reversing many of the excesses and errors of the Obama years. I also took pleasure in his attacks on the media, which have done so much social, cultural and political damage to America.

In 2020, I gladly -- no, rabidly -- cast my vote for Trump and was heartbroken by the election results. But then he jumped the shark. Sure, the election stunk in all sorts of ways, but he should have read the room when it became a lost cause. He should have stopped braying about a stolen election while continuing to point out the flaws and dishonesty in the process.

It would have been so much better for the country and Trump himself if he had devoted his energy to winning the Senate runoff races in Georgia instead of wallowing in his own electoral defeat. The failure to win just one of the Georgia Senate seats is the direct cause of most of America's problems today, and I blame Trump for it.

Anyone who thinks Ron Desantis is a stooge of the GOPe has to be a grandchild of a Bircher who was convinced Dwight Eisenhower was a Commie. In his four years as Florida's governor, Desantis has fearlessly and tirelessly charted a course against the leftwing current pushing America onto the shoals of despair and destruction. He has done so in the face of fierce and unfair slams from the national media and corporate giants like Disney.

Desantis acts as boldly and correctly as Trump, if not more so. But what makes him the better choice by far is that he doesn't carry Trump's baggage: the insults, braggadocio and "mean tweets" that so many (not just suburban women) find off-putting. Proof of that is found in Desantis' historic reelection. And it's makes him the far more electable candidate in 2024 despite whatever garbage the media and the Democrats (ah, but I repeat myself) will throw at him.

The last thing we need is a civil war between Trump and Desantis over the 2024 presidential nomination. In an ideal world, Trump would step aside, throw his support to Desantis and gracefully accept his important role in history as the Father of the MAGA Movement. Although "graceful" does not appear to be part of Trump's vocabulary, he just might learn it in the next two years.

PS: If Trump is the 2024 nominee, I fully expect to vote for him. The depth of my support, however, will depend on the manner of campaign he has run.

+I was

Anonymous said...

Cato Renasci - Many women select/vote appearance over substance. My sister couldn't vote for Trump because he was too "icky". She never considered his record of successes while President. As a female I chose to vote for him twice. My emotional homosexual brother has a visceral hatred of Trump because of the news sources he watches. Both of them think emotionally.

tomwinfl said...

Trump caught Dems sleeping in 2016. They neglected their blue-collar states. No way they'll make that mistake again, and if Trump can't win a majority after 2 tries, why on earth would we try that again? Those making excuses for him are the ones in denial.

DEEBEE said...

Did not see in any of the excerpts how to overcome squishy conservative detestation (perhaps too strong a word) for Trump, trumping his policy stance. All these diatribes do is to assert that DeSantis is a tool/stool of GOPe so let’s hate him.

IMO, I have felt that some of Trump’s antics were unnecessary, but could overlook them to get his policies. Surprisingly there was no alternative in 16, and obviously in 20. But Is there one in 24, only remains to be seen. And calling DeSantis a tool is not going to cut it. Trump will have to change his demeanor to get the squishers on his side

QDman said...

I did not vote for Trump in 2016. I didn't think he was the best choice (and no, I didn't vote for Clinton, as she seemed even worse). Trump's tenure as President changed my mind about him, and I happily voted for him in 2020. When I look at the results of the last 3 elections, though, I have to ask myself, "What has he done for us lately? Which winning candidates would have lost were it not for Trump's endorsement?

Anonymous said...

When, however, Jeff Goldstein says that Trump's "behavior repels independents and suburban women", he is forgetting the two-minute (the two-hour?) hate sessions retreaded daily by the "neutral" media…

Unless you have some way to make those sessions, and their results, go away, your point is pointless.

Do you?

In that perspective, it should be noted that over at the Conservative House, Sundance points out that the élites, Democrat as well as Republican, are betting on Ron DeSantis in the hope (well-founded or not) that the Florida governor will (consciously or otherwise) be more open to (their) influence.

Florida Governor DeSantis took on Disney in an election year.

What do you think the Bush / Ryan people thought of that?

DeSantis is not an idiot, so he'll happily take their money.

That's entirely different from toeing their line.

Trump's "DESANCTIMONIOUS" line was moronic. Doing it before the election was even more so

Anonymous said...

In this case, however, the charge is made worse, of course, by the results of the mid-terms — but have conservatives really forgotten to what extent Democrats rig elections?

No, I haven't.

So, what did then President Trump do about that in 2020?

Nothing, he sat their fat, dumb, and happy while the Federal Gov't he was supposed to be running worked to screw us over.

What did former President Trump do about it in 2021 and 2022? So far as I can tell, absolutely nothing.

President Trump absolutely sucked at personnel. If he's improved any since losing office, he's yet to display that team.

He's a one man shop. A one man shop can't beat the deep state. It doesn't matter how good he is, he simply can't do it on his own.

And so long as he has a left wing daughter and son in law as trusted advisors, he's never going to be more than a one man shop.

I voted for Trump in 2020. i think the election was stolen from him.

But the reality is that he LET the election be stolen from him.

It's time to move on, to someone who not only reformed Florida's election system so that the election could NOT be stolen from him, but then teamed up with Republicans up and down the power scale to completely kick the Left's ass.

DeSantis's school board victories are huge. They're the kind of thing we need to take back our country.

Where was Trump?

Anonymous said...

There is no MAGA movement without Trump, but there is a conservativemovement without Trump and his unnecessary asinine bs.

Linda Fox said...

Women who support Trump need to be front and center about it. No more sitting there quietly while they bash Trump, in the interests of being 'nice'.
Learn to either:
- Insist that they stay OFF political topics, or
- Get right back at them, in the same vein. If they bring up the 'pussy' comment, point out that THEIR heroes have done far worse (the Kennedys, Clinton, et al).