Friday, September 10, 2021

Who Is the Incompetent POTUS Now?

In its top leader, The Economist writes that the Afghanistan debacle "is a dangerous moment for [Joe Biden's] presidency" ("Where Next for global Jihad?", August 28).

What a contrast with the Lexington column of January 5, 2019, in which Donald Trump was described as "ill-disciplined", with "little attention span", or with any "long-time view of almost anything" (in addition to holding "awkward" addresses). The 45th President, we learned then, "has made many bad moves in security and other policy against the generals' advice", while, luckily, "strong, reliable public servants" like Jim Mattis and John Kelly have tried to act as "safeguards against calamity." In January 2021, we were told that Republicans face a choice between Donald Trump and reality.

The Democrats' 2020 election message was that the grown-ups would be back in charge. So who made the moronic decision to close Bagram air base and to remove America's soldiers from Kabul before (not after) it removed its civilians? Joe Biden? His generals? 

Who made the unfathomable decision to leave some of America's most advanced military hardware — including 350,000 assault rifles, over 20,000 Humvees, and over 150 military aircraft, along with million-dollar drones — to the Taliban (who probably will sell a few units to the Chinese and the Russians), instead of taking them home or destroying them? If it wasn't General Milley and Secretary of State Austin, did those "public servants" not try to counter Joe Biden's lamebrained decisions in their capacity as "safeguards against calamity"? (Thanks for the link, Ed…)

Americans and foreigners alike who supported Trump were not blind to his faults, real or alleged. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Trump to them was the worst politician in America, and the worst leader in the entire world. In both cases, with one single exception. All the others. 


Jerryskids said...

I would suggest that the Afghanistan debacle is a more dangerous moment for us than for Joe Biden. After being publicly humiliated in such a manner, Joe is going to be eager to reassert his fractured masculinity and the easiest way to do this, as anyone who feels regularly humiliated can tell you, is to get drunk and go home and beat the hell out of your wife. Joe can't lash out at the Taliban, or anybody else for that matter, but he certainly can lash out at the American people. And he will. Joe is a petty, weak man who will bully anybody he can get away with bullying.

ConquerorofAllFoesCheese said...

That's what the vaccine mandate is.