Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Treacher: Them "Rules Wouldn't Keep Changin' If You Peasants Just Did What You're Told at That Particular Moment"

"The Rules Wouldn't Keep Changing If You Peasants Just Did What You're Told at That Particular Moment" quips Jim Treacher (thanks to Ed Driscoll) as he imagines how our betters think:

We got some new COVID-19 rules yesterday. They were different than the rules we got the day before that, and I assume they’re different than the rules we’ll get tomorrow.

To recap:

  1. Absolutely do not wear a mask

  2. You must, must, must wear a mask or you’re killing Grandma

  3. Don’t leave the house or you’re killing Grandma

  4. If you can’t avoid leaving the house, stay at least six feet away from any other human being you see or you’re killing Grandma

  5. Wash your hands 20 times a day

  6. Do not touch your face or anything else, ever

  7. Get vaccinated so you don’t have to wear a mask

  8. You have to wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated

  9. When the above rules change, and then change back, and then change back again, shut up about it or you’re a stupid MAGA-head

  10. Don’t forget to vote Democrat!

In a more serious vein, Claremont's Jeffrey H. Anderson posits that Faceless people make compliant subjects, not good citizens (thanks to Instapundit). 

 … rule by public health officials, under which we increasingly live today, encourages excessive risk-aversion and almost transforms cowardice into a virtue. … Human beings were meant to feel the sun and wind on their faces, not a (potentially moist) piece of fabric. 

 … All of this helps to answer the blithe question so frequently posed by mask enthusiasts: what’s the big deal? It is a very big deal. Masks hide from view the familiar faces, infectious smiles, and warm glances that bring light and color to everyday life. To dismiss this loss so cavalierly is to devalue human warmth and sociability in a remarkably callous way. 

 … In sum, not only do masks apparently not work as advertised, they are uncomfortable and unhygienic. They obscure our humanity and undermine our children’s development. They prevent us from seeing the emotions, sensibilities, and affections of others, or sharing our own. They limit communication and erode understanding. They profoundly compromise human interaction and substantially reduce our quality of life.

In the meantime, the Babylon Bee sees fit to bring us this gem of an editorial: To Convince The Unvaccinated, We Need To Scream At Them That They're Brainwashed Morons And We Hope They Die… 

 … how do you convince someone to go against a deeply held belief? It’s hard to say, but I know how I want to convince someone: screaming at them how dumb they are until they change their ways. 

 … If we are to save everyone from this pandemic, we have to find all the people who aren’t vaccinated and scream at them as loudly and as angrily as we can. Remember: The louder and angrier you are, the more right you sound and the more likely you are to convince people.

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