Friday, May 14, 2021

Biden's incredible speed at fouling things up: Americans are like a last child, we take it and take it and take it, and then something snaps, and we are the worst enemy you can imagine

One of the earliest readers, followers, and — dare I say? — fans of No Pasarán has written as follows:

I think/fear Le Pen is nuts, but I am not terribly fond of Macron's actions to date.  He seems very much in over his head.

Biden has had a remarkable first 100 days.  I had no idea a man so stupid and so inept (and now so demented) could inflict this much damage in such a short time.  It is truly impressive.  Of course, the dementia means that is is not really him doing anything, it is idiot aides and advisors and left-over fools from the Obama administration who were never sharp enough to realize that the reason their policies did not work was because such policies never do (and not just because they could not do it "right" this time).  I believe they truly think they are, collectively, smarter than the other 330M of us.  Hubris of a degree that simply cannot be contemplated.

This clamp down is going to leave a mark.  I live in a civilized area, but my sister in California is going nuts.  I was just on the phone with a client in Irvine, and I can tell he's had enough.  A lot of people are on the edge.  Another thing I've told Europeans, and they never believed me, is this.  Americans are like a last child.  If you've ever known a kid who was the last of 4-7 kids, they generally are the type that take it and take it and take it, and then they snap, and rip out everyone's throats.  Then, while everyone in the room is still in shock, the "last" kid looks up and acts like nothing has happened.  Americans (I believe) are collectively like that, we take it and take it, and then something snaps, and we are the worst enemy you can imagine.  Once the matter is over, we hop back in and look around as though nothing happened.  Think Grant at Appomattox, relations with Japan and Germany after WWII. 

Hopefully Biden's incredible speed at fouling things up will mean we correct things before the populace completely loses it.  And no, I have no idea how that could happen, but it might.


sykes.1 said...

I think he's wrong. Americans, like everyone in the Anglosphere, are supine, and will accept any degree of abuse given them. They are like the "good Germans" of the Nazi era.

The Dark Lord said...

you've never lived in rural i.e. not big city America ... nice try with the Nazi reference though ... and we have more guns than the rest of the Anglosphere combined for a reason ... people don't own guns to be supine ...

Jerryskids said...

The key there is the hubris. If you accept the tenets of the Green New Deal, you believe that some group of Top Men are smart enough to order the affairs of some 8 billion people in an effort to control the climate of the entire planet, and if you believe such a thing is even possible you belong in an insane asylum. If you're crazy enough to believe you are one of those Top Men, you need to be shot for such madness cannot be countenanced.

Jack the dog said...

Whilst the USA has lost most of the wars it has involved itself in, the two just ones it won were side by side with Anglosphere allies, cousins and friends (and Russia it has to be said in the second one).

In both cases the good guys were pushed and pushed until it seemed all was lost and then suddenly it started coming right.

The same happened with Brexit.

What we're seeing with Covid is in the US at least a pushback gaining momentum although the UK and AUS seem still down and out.

Whilst it would be easy to despair looking at the present situation, I think the lesson of history is more hopeful; so do as Churchill would advise and just "keep buggering on".

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