Monday, September 07, 2020

The Individuals Who Feel It Necessary to Come Up with a Question

by Scott Adams

Also: public speeches.

A guy gives a speech, then asks if there are any questions; but the speech was so brilliant and complete that no questions are forthcoming, i.e., none are necessary. However: the silence feels nerve-wracking, and so finally somebody, just to be polite (virtue signalling?), stands to ask a question, which invariably is on a completely marginal subject, which leads others to ask more inane questions. Leaving the rest of the audience to groan internally.

Instead, after the first few seconds of hearing no queries, the speaker should be happy to finish the speech on a note of triumph. And since no answers are immediately forthcoming, offer to answer any further questions on a personal basis, after the presentation is over (which is now, as the question time has proven useless) and the clapping has subsided…

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