Tuesday, September 17, 2019

By Being Forced to Walk Back Her Comments, Doesn't Marianne Williamson Prove the Veracity of Those Very Comments?

"What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are?" Marianne Williamson said. "What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me? It's such a bizarre world."
Has anybody given a thought to the following point — especially… (wait for it…) Marianne Williamson herself?!

By walking back her comments in her interview with Eric Bolling about "the left [being] as mean as the right" — if not (far) meaner — what does the presidential candidate do if nothing less than… prove her own (ex-)point about "the left [being] as mean as the right" (if not — far — meaner)?

To quote Jim Treacher (thanks to Ed Driscoll and to Sarah Hoyt):
Lefties are awful, especially to women. No insult is too cruel. No lie is too insane. Anything goes. Then lefties project their own behavior onto their political opponents, and congratulate themselves for condemning it. They're lunatics. Whereas conservatives, who don't agree with Williamson's policies at all, are decent to her because she seems like an okay person. They're able to separate the person from the politics.

 … Marianne Williamson [turns out to be] just like the rest of them. She accidentally told the truth, and now she's walking it back because it's politically inconvenient. She's terrified that her own tribe will cast her out for her heresy. … she's afraid of alienating people who hate her anyway.
What is about this "serious leftie" — a spiritual guru, at that (e.g., A Course in Miracles) — that she does not understand
A) that such negativity directed at her, or at anyone, is in fact par for the course for the left and
B) that people on the right in fact are not mean at all (or certainly not as mean as has been reported) and
C) that the very fact that conservatives are — endlessly — accused of being heartless monsters by the left (including by their vassals in the media) proves point A while proving that leftists are in fact drama queens always looking to present their (alleged) adversaries as despicable deplorables while presenting themselves as the knights on white stallions ready to fight those barbaric neanderthals?

Hasn't the spiritual guru ever heard of such concepts as… "projection"?!
(Update: thanks for the Instalanche…)


TOF said...

Williamson is just now realizing that fact? The Left has nothing to counter with except hatred and venom. Leftism long ago discredited itself in so many ways that anybody with experience in the real world doesn't buy into the philosophy.

It seems to me that adherents to the Leftist philosophy are either inexperienced or mentally disturbed.

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HC said...

I find it baffling that anyone can hate someone (including a politician, deserving though some of them must be) unless they actually know the guy. I’ve had discussions with right-wingers who say they hate so and so, and I ask do you hate him, or just his policies? Always, it is “Well, I don’t know him, so I can’t hate him, but I hate his policies.” The same question with left-wingers has, thus far at least, always led to “No, I hate him.” Can someone explain how you hate someone you do not know? I don’t get it.

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